Suicide Rescue is a non-profit organisation that actively strives to prevent suicide. Our first and foremost focus is on children, teenagers, young adults and LBGTQ-persons, but we are there for all people who have suicidal thoughts.

Suicide Rescue is a young, modern and non-profit organisation that through a process facilitated approach, lots of ideations, creative workshops and thinking-out-of-the-box gatherings, – has been able to involve and engage a broad spectrum of persons, organizations, competences, companies and decision makers worldwide.
In Suicide Rescue we practice a holistic approach there we:

- Proactively targets and contacts people who have expressed that they are considering suicide or that they have decided to commit suicide.

- Offers support to those in need of a fellow human being that really listens.

- Strives to strengthen positive mental health and psychological wellbeing through individualized contributions and tools.

We encourage people to dare to talk about suicide in order to be able to contribute to paint a more open and less prejudiced picture of something that takes a larger toll on people’s lives than traffic accidents. We also strive to reduce the veil of shame that surrounds mental illness and to enhance the positive possibilities that are inherent to all human beings.

As a fellow human being, you can help through liking or Facebook page and through getting involved as a partner or sponsor or become a staff member or volunteer

– Together we can prevent suicide and save lives!